Sunday, November 23, 2014

here's another reason i haven't been posting as much this week- "AIRPORT - THE TERMINAL PACK" with oh no, ALL 4 Airport movies, The Sheer Upright Outright and Unmitigated HORROR OF IT ALL!! (All 4 Trailers Strung Together)

Such fire, frost or frippery! 
Really glad I got this especially for 3 bucks, and now
that I'm "airported out" using my Palm Springs rating
system now conclude the following-
AIRPORT - it's hard to include this in the same 
catagory as the other three, it's not a disaster 
film so much as a great drama - 3 1/2 Palm Trees
AIRPORT '75 - So bad it hurts so good, it's 0 Palm
Trees but add 1 for Karen Black and 1 for just the
overall oddball nature of this one, 2 Palm Trees
AIRPORT '77 - This one totally took me by surprise
there's some miscasting going on like Jack Lemmon
as the pilot but this really is a decent flick, good 
story, I give it a solid 3 Palm Trees
AIRPORT '79 CONCORDE - I give this 1 1/2 Palm
trees for Jennings Lang but unfortunately even their
excellent production values couldn't keep the rest
of this one afloat. 1 1/2 Palm Trees
The Horror!!

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