Thursday, November 27, 2014

Revisiting a little something called "LEON LIVE" a mind-blowing 3-vinyl record set of LEON RUSSELL performing at the Long Beach Arena in 1972, there's SO many tunes on this thing, I don't think anyone can approach it's statistical density, ya dig me?

A horrific one indeed, lots of great material,
Leon at his peak, strangely enough it's an
official live album but the sound is sub-par,
 sounds like some mics were placed on 
stage and that's it. Dig his Jumping Jack Flash
and Youngblood medley which takes up 
all of side 5. 
Amazon link to song and album. Usually if a song is
longer than 10 minutes they don't let you purchase it
individually but this nice 16 minute track is only 1.29
The Sheer Horror!!

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