Saturday, November 8, 2014

Revisiting the very first Rod Stewart solo album called AN OLD RAINCOAT WON'T EVER LET YOU DOWN, that was in the UK, the US version was called THE ROD STEWART ALBUM, both titles being rather Silly but WHAT AN ALBUM!! (Reco)

UK Vinyl Artwork, trippy stuff. 
The first 4 Rod Stewart solo albums are all must-haves
in any serious rock fans collection, this is the one that 
kicked it all off in 1969 yet is least mentioned or praised.
This awkward cover version of the Stones tune has been
dissed left and right thru the years is rather interesting.
It starts as a redone version but then in the second half
switches to the standard tempo of song. Cleverly, the 
piano riff from "We Love You" is jammed on the end!
BLIND PRAYER - classic Rod blues stuff.
I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING - could be the most
unusual Rod Stewart song you'll ever hear. The producer,
a guy named Lou shares vocals with Rod on bridge!
CINDY'S LAMENT - more classic Rod bluesy stuff.
US Vinyl version.
The Horror!!

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