Friday, December 5, 2014

ladies and germs, it's "PATTI SMITH COVERS THE ROLLING STONES"! Say what?! It's a Horrific Exhibit indeed as the Godmother Of Punk Does The Stones As Only She Can, Ya Dig What I'm Sayin? Well Horrific FRIED EGG EVE To Ya!!

Classic stuff
This is an original Tarot card I designed in 2009.
It was the 11th and last one I did before abandoning
the project, too many copyright issues.
Secret footage of Ed from Ed's Attic at the holiday
pool party....The Horror!!


  1. Link is gone. Could you please re-post?

    1. That's on a hard drive that needs a new computer but you are IN LUCK cause I checked and did make a megalink copy on that so will post today as a repost request so everyone can enjoy, ENJOY!