Monday, December 1, 2014

Revisiting a little thing called "AROUND THE WORLD WITH THREE DOG NIGHT"! If there ever was anything So Horrific it's this 1973 double live album dissed by everyone from fans to critics, THE HORROR!!

Every magazine out at the time from Stereo Review
to Rolling Stone was giving this a bad review when
it came out. It only became available digitally last
year becoming the last official TDN album to do so.
Of course as life turns out, it happens to be one of 
the very first albums I owned and used to spin
as an 11 year old on fire for rock n roll. 
It's really not a bad album, quite
horrific indeed ;-)
ELI'S COMING - yes, i will go ahead and use the word
phenomenal for this version that starts off almost as
a comedy piece. Recorded in Manchester.
JOY TO THE WORLD - very interesting version, different
than studio, a bit faster. Recorded in Japan.
MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME - excellent version
with Cory belting out the famous verses...from Athens
The Horror!!

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