Friday, December 26, 2014

Revisiting the NINTH ROD STEWART SOLO ALBUM - You didn't think I was just going to stop there did ya, but there's only a few more albums to go before the Real Horror sets in, Ya Dig Me? Ya Feel Me? Groovy Baby, JUST GROOVY

The year was 1978 and this ain't no editorial type blog
so suffice it to say this was the peak of Rod's rock
n roll career, it would be all downhill from here,
The Horror!!
DIRTY WEEKEND - Majorly cool rocker as well as the
one below, some nice guitar work by the hired guns.
BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN - This rockin' title track
probably would have been a single if it weren't for a 
little thing called "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
The Horror!!

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