Friday, December 5, 2014

THE FACES 1971! "BBC Broadcast" is the title of this Cd Boot i got in a trade about 10 years ago, i've searched high and low for the source and always wind up at a dead-end, i know this much, it's 1971, it's BBC, ya dig me?

13 songs, starts with Three Button Hand Me Down after
a quick tease of You're My Girl, excellent sound, must-have
"I can't figure out which Faces show this is!"...
The Horror!!


  1. Sounds like the "Sounds for Saturday" BBC Broadcast transferred to CD. 10/26/71 --BBC Studios.. -- The DVD is awesome. It was recorded in 1971 and broacast in 72 ..

  2. Ah, you are indeed the "riffman" thank you SO much for that clarification, appreciate!

  3. Could it be the 5 13 71 show? i have a million copies of that and they are all good.