Friday, June 27, 2014

did CORY WELLS from THREE DOG NIGHT Really Do A DISCO Album?! oh how soon we forget, the year was 1978 and despite the genre this was actually a really good album, that voice and those songs!! (Special Post/Link)

It wasn't until my bud Ed posted the single from this album
that I even remembered it, it was totally gone from the
memory, ya dig? But I was blessed enough to be in 
attendance for this show at the Roxy in Hollywood
when this album came out. I was 16 years old and
going through my first real breakup with a girl and 
went to the club alone way early and was the first
to get in and be seated, front row center. Cory came
by on his way to dressing room but it happened so 
fast I didn't get to say anything to him. The show was
amazing with every song from this album played
and a Three Dog Night acoustic set in the middle
of show! I remember Cory talking about Hoyt
Axton his fishing buddy who wrote Joy To The
World and many other great hits. About half
way through the show there was a yell from the 
audience, "HEY, YOU'RE REALLY GOOD!"
and when everyone looked back it was Jimmy
Greenspoon the organ player from Three Dog
Night heckling! Everyone laughed, classic moment. 
MIDNIGHT LADY - really nice song, "bluesy" disco?
YOU'RE MY DAY - very disco lol

STARLIGHT - Single from album, pretty cool tune.
Ed's Attic has a real cool vinyl rip of the single
The Horror!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

the sign says "3000 MILES TO GRACELAND" ya dig? Revisiting this 2001 very strange anomaly that certainly belongs in the House, i don't believe i've ever seen a movie with so many Good Things and so many Bad Things going for it ALL AT THE SAME TIME! (Full Movie)

3,000 Miles To Graceland is definitely one strange inclusion
in the cinematic canon. Did it suffer from first-time-
director-itis? Probably. But the film does have some
redeeming qualities including a cast chock full of faces
we love to look at and a great music soundtrack.
The movie implemented a strong ad campaign for this
one and actors did internet spots, the first time done.
Despite all that, word spread quickly and it was a
major box office flop returning only 18 million at
the box office on a budget of 62 million. 
The opening credits sequence with the scorpions
is bar none one of the coolest ever!
KILLING TIME by Hed Planet Earth

found this upp on You Tube, it's a 2001 flick.
The Horror!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

did u think when u came in u were going to get "THE STRAIGHT STORY"?! Revisiting this 1999 Gem, really bordering on masterpiece Drama with RICHARD FARNSWORTH In His Final Role And Oh Boy, What A Way To Go Out!! (Full Movie)

In 1999 one of the great actors of all time gave his
final performance as a man dying of cancer. 
Just one thing though- he actually was!
He was in much pain on the set but made
it thru the shoot. Add David Lynch as the
director and you have one very special film.

I found this upp on You Tube, it probably won't last long, 1999 movie
it's a little hard to find but it is officially available.
The Horror!!