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All They Were Looking For Was "A PERFECT GETAWAY" On Their Hawaiian Honeymoon But Instead They're Being Hunted By Murderers! THE HORROR!! This 2009 Psychological Thriller Delivers Great Thrills And Twists!! (Movie Reco)

Amazing locations, some decent acting and a new twist
on an old story make this a really fun watch. 
Using my Palm Springs rating system, I give it 
three solid Palm trees. See what YOU think!

Link to Amazon streaming & dvd, used Dvd's are only one cent.
Link to Netflix.

scans from an old yearbook of JUDSON BOARDING SCHOOL in SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA where I went to school in 10th and a little of 11th before getting, no pun intended, The Boot! Loved Going Here, But It Too Is LONG GONE!! (Pics)

since Ed and I are both in a bit of a nostalgic mood lately, thought I'd share a few pics of one of the (many) schools I attended in youth, this one I stayed at a little longer than usual, I lasted a year and a month at this one! Yep, I was a bad boy but anyways this was a great school where horseback riding was a required course! Many fond memories and sad to hear it was bulldozed around 2000 to make
room for condominiums. 
The Concho Room was the snack bar hangout, you 
can't see it but way back in the corner under that heater
was a cool jukebox. I actually worked here for a couple
weeks but they fired me when I refused to work an 
extra shift to help out when they were busy. I was
more interested in hanging out with my girlfriend.
Love that 75 cent cheeseburger!
Strangely enough, this guy introduced me to the music
of Billy Joel. "The Stranger" has just come out and 
he used to play it on his cassette player while we
were taking quizzes. He was a really cool guy.
Thanks to this guy I got to see a frog's heart beat
with it's guts wide open. I really liked him, the last
thing he said to me was "I thought you were going
to fly straight."
Me and a bud pulled one of the all-time greatest pranks
on this guy. We obtained a key from the janitor and 
snuck in his classroom at night and taped a bunch
of nudie pictures from Hustler magazine to his
World Geo map so when he pulled the map
down with a flourish as was his custom,
well you can dang funny.
Sadly, no pictures of me. Don't you hate it when you take
out your yearbook and you're not even in it!
This is the condo complex that replaced school.
Also while we're sharing pics, I found these two the other
day from the Hard Rock Park amusement park which
I was blessed to attend the grand opening of, even
though it only lasted a year. I have no idea WHAT
the hell was up with my outfit that day....
What was I wearing that day......THE HORROR!!

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STONES Repost! "RECONSTRUCTING YA-YA'S" Okay so I had to do it, many others have given their try, why not Me, ya see? It's Only The Greatest Live Recordings By The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World, That's All, No Big Thing!!

So what makes my "Alternate Ya-Ya's" different?
-Mickboy remaster used for main album tracks
-version of Jumpin Jack Flash substituted with
version from movie Gimme Shelter
- Simple Sam Cutler intro edited
-Outtakes and bonus tracks used for
the other songs in set
-Editing between songs to make flow
-No Eq added, levels checked for evenness
-Ripped to one mp3 at 224 to encourage
listening to concert in one sitting.

The Horror!!

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Saturday Night Horror around the next corner, it's a "BLOOD FEAST"! 1963 Herschell Gordon Lewis Splatter Film about a Psychopathic Food Caterer Is A Low-Budget Drive-In Cult Classic now and SO IT SHOULD BE!!! (Full Movie)

Buy low and sell high also applies to the film biz
This was made for $25,000 and grossed 4 million
In 1963. Now a cult classic and The Horror!!


THE FACES 1972! here's a Joe Maloney recording, the classic bootlegger from Boston this show at the Boston Garden one of the all-time greatest rock n roll bands Yeah? Ya Dig Me? So Horrific Saturday To Ya!!

Ronnie boy with the classic Plexiglass guitar and shiny pants
Great show, a fine addition, well you know ;-) link
The Horror!!

FRANK ZAPPA PARTY! going to 1978 for this one in a city that is not far from where I went to boarding school in 7th grade, a place called POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK, Ya Dig Me? Classic Frank Show , The Horror!!

Zappa '78. The party rocks on with a show I got in 
a trade about a decade ago, it's a goody! set list link
The Outright Horror!!

Additional Comments 8/26- Pulled this one out this morning for a listen, forgot what a great show this is, but what I really wanted to point out is that Frank uses a slide with a phase shifter for a very different but exhilarating guitar solo in City Of Tiny Lights!

so what exactly is "THE BLUE DOOR" over there, could it be a 2007 album of yours truly? Yup, just posted over at my official blog, Direct From Silver CD to Mp3 @ 320 as part of my latest series, Ya Dig Me? Ya Feel Me? Okay Fine!

I shifted away from techno on this album and went
for a guitar-based sound playing all the axes and
using canned drums for tracks. Also I play theremin
on the opening and closing instrumentals. Fans liked
this one, particularly the locals. It sold well, I did
three runs of 100 each and they're all long gone,
except for THIS ONE. :-) Enjoy!
The Horror!!

FRANK ZAPPA PARTY! Like Father, Like Son!! You know we're not gonna leave DWEEZIL out of this party, ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA PLAYS MSG NY 2006 PLAYS HALLOWEEN, Just Like His DAD DID! Great Show Lad!

I've said it before and I'll say it again-
In 2006, the cosmos opened up and gave rock
n roll a heavenly gift called Zappa Plays Zappa.
father's old stomping grounds, Felt Forum.
What's not to like!
Dweezil's rig!
The Horror!!

Watch out around the next corner folks, "THE DEVIL AT YOUR HEELS"..A Fascinating Look At Five Years In The Life Of "THE MAD CANADIAN" the Evel Knievel Of Canada!! This is a 1981 Drive-In B-Movie DOCUMENTARY!! (Full Movie)

Excellent 1981 documentary about Ken Carter. 
He's determined to jump over the St Lawrence river. 
In one scene, Evel Knievel shows up to advise him. 
Just a great watch all around.