Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Closing Out The Year With A Mix Of Tunes By Yours Truly - HORRIFIC NEW YEAR to U All around the world, as Ozzy Oz-Burnt would say, I Luvvvv Uuuu Alll, Let me see your hands in the air.....THE HORROR!!

Make it a safe and horrific one, ha ha-
thanks for all the visits, see ya on the flip-side
Can't Wait For Friday Night (from Lint)
Identity (from Identity)
Dethrone The Champ (from American Anti-Idol)
Subway Train Driver (from American Anti-Idol)
I See (from Fairly Twisted Logic Deluxe Version)
On Screen Love Scene (from Tall Green Grass)
Oh Mr Policeman (from Ghosts In The Firehouse)
Elizabeth (from Ghosts In The Firehouse)
Revolution Reggae Chant (from Defining The Remix)
Easy (Larry OG Edit) - (2014 edit)
Streaming mix - 7daylink to download
and for our final Horror of the year, drum roll please....
The Horror!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

From the Black Crowes Archives! - "Live 2005-2010 Volume III - Covers & Jams" is one of those fan-compiled boots, 3 Cd's of great stuff from '05-'10 tours and all captured in a taper-friendly environment....THE HORROR!!

yep, it's a goodie, i'm looking around for vol 2 to post,
vol 1 i know is long gone too bad,  enjoy link
The Horror!!

very scary around this next bend a FRANK ZAPPA VINYL BOOT called "GOOD GRIEF" - this one definitely falls into both the Obscure and Bizarre categories as The Platter has some Bugged-Out Sh*t on it, Ya Dig What I'm Sayin'?! The Horror!!

Another rare one here, info below. Enjoy!
1. Lock Jaw Rap [00:41]
    2. Hail Caesar [06:40]
    3. The Closer You Are [Earl Lewis / Morgan Robinson] / Johnny Darling [Louis Statton / Johnny Statton] [not listed] [03:25]
    4. Frogs with Dirty Little Lips [03:31]
    5. Lisa's Dangerous Kitchen ["The Dangerous Kitchen"] [06:23]

    6. Fine Girl [03:19]
    7. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? [01:35]
    8. We're Turning Again [05:39]
    9. Heavy Duty Judy [with vocals] [04:39]
    10. What's New in Baltimore? [03:29]

    * Track 1 has Zappa talking to the audience for about 40 seconds, in London 19-Jun-1982 (first show). In a discussion on in March 2000 about "the dumbest or most embarassing thing Zappa said on stage", it was one of two things that came up. It goes like this:

        "You know, as I look out here tonight, I see all these people and wonder what kind of people actually come to a show like this, and I know! Usually it's a bunch of guys who think that maybe it's cool to come here, and then they bring these girls along that wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this, listening to this shitty kind of music, and they sit there and grit their fucking teeth for two hours, and then maybe later they give the guy a blowjob. Well let me tell you something; all you guys that brought girls like this to this kind of a concert, I hope you do get blown by those lock-jawed little bitches that you brought in here." 

    (The other thing that came up was the imfamous "women's movement" from Saratoga 1-Sep-1984, on Kreega Bondola.)

    * Track 2 is live in London 28-Feb-1978.
    * Tracks 3-4 are live in Santa Monica 11-Dec-1981 (first show); track 4 also appears as a "bonus track" on Welcome to the Mudd Club, where part of Zappa's spoken intro has been edited out. Apparently, this was the first live performance with Ahmet, Frank's son (noted on the cover).
    * Track 5 is live in Santa Monica 11-Dec-1981 (second show).
    * Track 6 is yet another different mix of the Tinsel-Town Rebellion recording; the unreleased Crush All Boxes album had another mix
    * Track 7 is live 1980.
    * Track 8 is an unknown 1982 or 1982 live version identified as "the Palladium, New York, 31-Oct-1982", but there was no such show.
    * Track 9 is a soundboard recording from the second show in Pittsburgh 13-Nov-1980 (the same recording as on Apocrypha). It has "vocals", in the sense that Ike and Ray sing "Heavy Duty Judy" in the very beginning over the riff.
    * Track 10 is live in Cologne 21-May-1982.

Sound quality graded as A on track 5, B on track 6 and C on all other tracks. Track 6 is an incredibly good performance, also circulated on grade A soundboard tapes.

The Horror!!

The Importance Of DAN LAMPINSKI Recordings - and one last reminder that Plum Dusty is going Plum Nuts over at his blog posting the Legendary Taper's shows, and lossless files at that....THE HORROR!! (Links)

These shows and many others taped by the legendary Dan L, basic rule of thumb, if you like the band, then jump on the boot, ya dig? Many thanks once again to Plum Dusty and a reminder that only FLAC files over at his site- peace, T.
The Horror!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Revisiting HALL & OATES "Live At The Apollo" - the year was 1985 and The Dynamic Duo were at their peak on the heels of Big Bam Boom album, to team up with DAVID RUFFIN & EDDIE HENDRICKS, well let's just say...THE HORROR!!

I was living in Hollywood about a block from the 
Paladium when this came out and let me tell ya
this album was HOT when it came out. Still
one of my favorite H2O albums to throw on.
I CAN'T GO FOR THAT - stellar 7-minute version
one of many gems on this record, such a beautifully
written song. 
POSSESSION OBSESSION - really cool version
of the John Oates-penned hit single.
The Downright Horror!!

NYCTAPER's Top 10 Concerts Of 2014 - Recommended blog tapes shows by many different artists around the NYC area, I would go so far as to say he is the Dan Lampinski of our time....THE HORROR!! (Link)

nyctaper Top 10 Concerts of 2014
The Horror!!

from the Ghost of Bootlegs Past comes - Rub a Dub Dub, "THIS IS DUB CLASH"! Very cool and popular Cd boot with outtakes and rarities from the Sandanista era, in case you missed it last time....THE HORROR!!

what's not to like, forgettaboutit!
The Horror!!

cover your eyes on this next one, it's SHIRLEY JONES! - Starring in a TV Movie of all damn things in 1975 called "WINNER TAKE ALL" where we get to see up close the world of Gambling and all it's...HORRORS!! (Full Movie)

Oh yeah, this is one of those precious gems occasionally
to be found in the TV Movie realm. Jones kicks way back
and just slips perfectly into her role as the gambling
addicted housewife trying to keep her deal afloat. 
Using my Palm Springs Rating System, I give this
one a surprising Three & A Half palm trees
on a cool dark lit street corner. 

Kevin John Bozelka
The Horror!!

from the Ghost of Bootlegs Past comes - a classic QUEEN VINYL BOOT called "Queen-Mania" if you can dig that, it's a single platter of stuff from the last show of US Tour in 1977, well okay fine then, HORRIFIC FOOTBALL SUNDAY TO YA!

classic vinyl rip baby, ya dig me? groovy baby...
The Sheer Horror!!

from the Ghost of Bootlegs Past comes - THE FACES and they're having a "BOSTON TEA PARTY" classic Cd boot of the very first Faces gig on US soil, ya dig me? Good if not bizarre recording is still a Must-Have for Faces Fans!

one of the strangest recorded boots in possibly all history
my take on it is they ran two mics on a stereo reel
and one mic is taped to Rod's mic stand, the other? lol
The Horror!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

THE ROLLING STONES "UNPLUGGED" - that's the name at least of this cd boot that i found this morning tucked away in a portfolio, have no idea where it came from, somebody left it at my house or....THE HORROR!!

What a surprise to find this tucked away and I
wasn't going to think much of it, after all there's
a million of these outtake kind of boots. But
I decided to give it a spin and was very surprised.
As pictured above, ripped at 320 - enjoy!
YOU GOT THE SILVER - Mick Jagger lead vocal
Ya know, I must have missed the boat on this one, 
I didn't even know there was a version of this 
with Mick singing lead instead of Keith 
Just became my favorite thing since sliced bread;-)
The Outright Horror!!

This record label called me up in '07 and Said - We love your techno stuff and everything but we want you to write 6 "radio friendly rock songs" and who was I of all people to deny their request, so they flew me out to Arizona and the rest is....THE HORROR!!

The guitars I played...
Me and the producer cruising around Phoenix
in a stretch listening to final mixes...what fun!
The "2nd band" that plays on the 5 instrumental jams
enjoy the freebie - link
The Horror!!

well I might as well be generous with my own music as well eh - Got a Double Shot of TOMMY ROSS comin' at ya, first my 2013 official release, the new fans I gained thought it was fresh music but the old fans knew it was....THE HORROR!!

I don't mind giving away my music 'cause the
universe always pays me back one way or another.
Far more of my stuff is given away than sold
but it's okay, I have thousands of worldwide
fans, am considered an established artist
and am happy with my art. Enjoy the freebie - link.  
The Horror!!

new BOOTLEG SINGLE! - IAN HUNTER BAND doing an awesome version of "LIFE AFTER DEATH" as Ian asks the universal question Do U Believe? outstanding version from Berkeley 1979 Remastered by.....THE HORROR!!

Berkeley 1979 - THOH Remaster
(A lot of Tom-Foolery ha ha on this one, but I
dig the way it turned out) 7daylink
The Horror!!

Revisiting the NINTH ROD STEWART SOLO ALBUM - You didn't think I was just going to stop there did ya, but there's only a few more albums to go before the Real Horror sets in, Ya Dig Me? Ya Feel Me? Groovy Baby, JUST GROOVY

The year was 1978 and this ain't no editorial type blog
so suffice it to say this was the peak of Rod's rock
n roll career, it would be all downhill from here,
The Horror!!
DIRTY WEEKEND - Majorly cool rocker as well as the
one below, some nice guitar work by the hired guns.
BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN - This rockin' title track
probably would have been a single if it weren't for a 
little thing called "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
The Horror!!

PALM SPRINGS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON CHRISTMAS EVE - got 4 pics here I took around the neighborhood the other night, Yeah so Horrific Holidays to ya from lovely Palm Springs where our average daytime temperature right now is 68 degrees, THE HORROR!!

The Horror!!