Friday, February 27, 2015

beware and be careful in this next room, it's "THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES"! - 2013 Crime Drama with RYAN GOSLING is part bank robbery movie, part coming of age, part family revenge and All......HORRIFIC!!

This amazing film grabs you by the throat from frame 
one and doesn't let up for two and a half hours,
great story, incredible acting, it's all here,
and using my Palm Springs Rating System
give this one the rare Five Palm Trees
On A Gorgeous Night.
2013 film - readily available
The Horror!!

look out around this next corner, it's the "DOPE DOGS"! - Revisiting 1996's Brilliant PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC Concept Album, 15 Tales Of Dope-Sniffing Canines headed straight for....THE HORROR!!

So how come no one ever mentions THIS album
when discussing classic "concept" albums. 
Great album with excellent production as well. 
What's really cool is 3 different versions were
released, US, UK and Japan and all 3 have
different song orders and selections. 
The Sheer Horror!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You've Just Entered The House Of Horrors on a "DANGEROUS CHARTER"! - 1962 Drive-In Movie About A Pair Of Fishing-Boat Owners Who Salvage A Deserted Yacht Only To Be Held Up By Heroin Smugglers....THE HORROR I SAY THE HORROR!! (Full Movie)

Besides being released the same year I was born,
this one's held a little charm with me. Cool
scenery and boats, and some of the water shots
are actually quite well done. The acting....well
..two out of three ain't bad! 
FULL MOVIE - flick is in the public domain, put
out by several distr, or check "Savage Cinema" set.
The Horror!!

PRINCE 1995! - Revisiting The Horror That Is "KIRK J's B-SIDES REMIX" ya dig? 7 Minute Bonus Track was Frankenstein-ed together with pieces of When Doves Cry, Pop Life, Shockedelia leading up to.....THE HORROR!!

In 1995 Prince put out the largely ignored "Purple Medley"
While out of print, you can  get used cd's for 19 cents
which gives you it's popularity. But tucked away at
the end of this horrific release was this track
that deserves some attention. I like how
Kirk J bounces around songs before
settling into a complete remix
of "Tell Me How You Want To Be Done"
7 minutes of Horrific Prince.
The Complete Horror!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome to "MOTEL HELL"! - It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent Fritters, ya dig what i'm sayin'? 1980 is the year and at this Motel everybody stays buried alive outside, no refunds, You Might Just Die from....THE HORROR!!

Here's an 80's horror movie so out of left field
and so twisted, it's hard to not to like it despite
it's B-movie pedigree, a horror classic for sure!
Link to various formats on Amazon
The Sheer Horror!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

while you're inside Tommy's House Of Horrors, whatever you do "DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE"!! - 1980 B-Movie About A Serial Killer Who Has Some Pretty Innovative Methods Of Using The Phone With His Victims....THE SHEER HORROR!! (Full Movie)

Yep, it's some good ole 80's b-movie horror
at it's sleaziest, some great Hollywood locales
as well and the killer in this has to be one of the
most hysterically bad bad-guys in all of cinema.
Here's a great article from recommended blog
House Of Self Indulgence.....oh yeah,  
FULL MOVIE - Starts at 1:25 mark.
Link to various formats out of print
The Sheer Horror!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

very horrific around this next bend, it's "ALMOST FAMOUS: THE BOOTLEG CUT"! - Comparing the Director's Cut with a whole Half Hour of Added Footage to the Original and a couple tracks from STILLWATER.....THE HORROR!!

as you know this ain't no editorial type blog ya dig
so we'll keep it short n sweet- While most of the added
scenes are understandably not in the original, we get a
few extra characters like a funny spaced-out DJ at a 
radio station. The big difference comes in how the 
relationship of William and Penny Lane is shown and
by the addition of a few scenes, we really see on
a much deeper level how William loved her.
Great stuff, Hard to believe it's already 15 years
old. Time will be kind to it though it's
such a great film. 
Now here's a real article, good one too.....
FEVER DOG - this and the track below are from my
200 Gram Limited Edition Vinyl of the soundtrack
LOVE THING - Stillwater baby! lol
The Horror!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

May You Be In Heaven A Full Half Hour "BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD"! - 2007 Crime Melodrama with PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and ETHAN HAWKE as Brothers That Decide To Rob Their Parent's Jewelry Store....THE HORROR!!

Sidney Lumet went out with a bang on this last film
a few years before his passing. We also have 
Phillip Seymour Hoffman in yet another great
role, pretty wicked in this one, and everything
about this film is aces, nice to pull it off my 
shelf earlier today and using my Palm Springs
Rating System, this flick gets the rare Five
Palm Trees on a Golden Night, the best
possible rating. Ha....
Widely available.
The Horror!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

the name of the band is THE BIG SLEEP! - This Brooklyn Trio comprised of 2 guys and a girl bass player/singer is 3 albums into a promising future, I would describe their music as Shoe Gaze or Post-Rock....THE HORROR!! (Mix)

Really unique band that alternates between heavy
instrumentals and some songs that are sung by
Sonya, the bass player. The vocals songs are
usually in strong contrast to the instrumentals
giving their sound even more diversity,
THE BIG SLEEP - "Tommy's Picks"
1. Son Of The Tiger
2. #1
3. Slow Rage
4. Pinkies
5. Four Wishes
6. Meet Your Maker
7. SleepyKid
8. Brown Beauty
9. Sleep Forever
The Horror!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Now that you're in The House, you only have "FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE"! - 1961 Drive-In Movie Starring JOHNNY CASH as a Door To Door Maniac who holds a lady hostage as part of a Bank Robbery....THE HORROR!! (Full Movie)

Johnny Cash couldn't act his way out of a paper
bag but he's perfectly cast here as the "maniac"
and puts the C back in Creepy, ya dig? Also stars
a very young Vic Tayback, using my Palm Springs
Rating System, I give this flick one and three
quarters Palm Trees, the lowest rating ever given.
FULL MOVIE - the film is in the public domain and
available very easily in either VHS or DVD. 
The Horror!!