Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SPARKS on a Twos Day Nite! - "OLD & NEW (x7)" is a new mix just put together, Ron & Russell doing their magic spread thru the years and 22 albums later still going strong and now considered Legendary, ya dig? Yeah, me too...THE HORROR!!

OLD & NEW (x 7)
Enjoy the streaming mix. Link. Link to Sparks catalog.
The Horror!!

you'll probably not be surprised to see this next exhibit in the House Of Horrors, it's "THE CRAZIES"! - 1973 George Romero Horror Flick with undertones and themes from Night Of The Living Dead, Ya Dig Me?....THE HORROR!!

Here's another new addition to my collection as 
recommended by one of the movie blogs here. 
I was a little disappointed in this one, seemed
a little closed in, too many scenes with gas masks
which kinda freak me out to begin with, ya dig?
Using my Palm Springs Rating System I give
The Crazies just two regular looking Palm
Trees. As far as the rest of Romero's stuff
besides the obvious choice for #1, I really
like Season Of The Witch and Martin.
Dawn of the Dead would be close behind.
The Horror!!

HORRIFIC PRINCE SONG! - Are you down with "CALHOUN SQUARE"? Prince gets down and funky with a 4-piece band on this Funked Out Track from P's 20th album called Crystal Ball....THE HORROR I SAY, THE HORROR!!

The Horror!!
I've always seen Crystal Ball as kind of a smaller
version of Emancipation with a couple hidden 
chestnuts among a field of various fluff. If this
funk rocker doesn't get you up on your feet,
well then I just don't know what to say
'cept....The Horror!!
This album is out of print and collectible, 
according to my research used copies
fetch 75$ and up also not avail digitally 7daylink
The Sheer Complete & Utter Horror!!

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE 2011! - Mick Jones and band do a reunion show at the historic Leeds University venue and the show is captured nicely by an audience member, Mick sticks to the hits in this 14 song short but sweet....THE HORROR!!

yeah baby! mick puts the c back in cool, aud A-, megalink
The Horror!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

PAUL WESTERBERG 2008! - The Horror That Is "49:00" from one of the most talented songwriters in all of rock, ya dig me? So how does one continuous track with no song list sound? some whole songs, some pieces of songs, and.....THE HORROR!!

if that's not enough, the ending of the album has
a crazy medley of cover tunes, thumbs way way up
5 minute sample above, link to 12 min sample
whole album below

Paul Westerberg: 49:00 What Is This Shit?: Album Review: "49:00" by Paul Westerberg
The Horror!!

Rare n Classic ALICE COOPER VINYL BOOT! - "SOLD OUT - 1975 TOUR" is a very rare 1975 LA Forum boot on the legendary Wizardo record label which was primarily a Beatles label before Wizardo started putting out other bands....THE HORROR!!

This classic not only comes from the great blog
Ed's Attic but a story as well as Ed and I were
both at this show at age 13 and 14. We had
very good loge seats just right of stage and
Ed took some awesome shots with a nice
zoom lens but after the show the film roll
broke and exposed the film, The Horror!!
Vinyl rip, megalink, Rating A/A+ - info below
The Horror!!

HORRIFIC PRINCE SONG! - All Is Well In Gothham City, the sound of terror is all you hear, ya dig? "VICKI WAITING" and she doesn't like to be kept waiting by anyone, ya dig? Horrific tune from the BATMAN era....The Horror!!

Got a few more of these Prince reco's before we give
the whole thing a rest, like I don't want anyone 
showing up at my door ya dig? One of my very
favorite Prince tunes comes from the Batman
album buried as the last cut of side 1...
VICKI WAITING - Amazon link - I-Tunes link
The Horror!!

look out around this next corner, it's the "NIGHT FLYER"! - 1997's horror movie about a serial killer that likes to fly his plane to his murders, the sheer horror of it all, one of the better Stephen King adaptions....THE HORROR!!

The next several movie posts are going to cover new
additions to my collection as I'm in the middle of a 
buying phase. They were all made known to me by
the various movie blogs we have here at the blog.
There's a lot to navigate there but if you want a
good place to start try Every 70's Movie,
The Sheer Horror!!
Well, I liked this one a lot and I already watched it a
couple times, using my Palm Springs Rating System
I give this horror flick two and 3/4 Palm Trees
two and a half for the film and an extra 1/4 
for seeing Miguel Ferrer in a leading role.
ORIGINAL TRAILER, widely available. 
Oh no, it's the Sunburnt Irishman....The Horror!!

Horrific Moon Day To Ya - rollin' out with a little of my own music, ya dig? "TALL GREEN GRASS" by Tommy Ross, come now you wouldn't begrudge be a little original music would ya? It's original alright....THE HORROR!!

It all started on a Monday morning bout 9 am when
I said f*ck television, f*ck work, and f*ck everything
else, I'm going to the zoo and see my friends...the animals
Sample tracks "I Went To The Zoo"
and "Subway Train Driver" a personal fav about
a actor in Hollywood who can't make it so
he goes to NYC and becomes a subway driver.
The Horror!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

HORRIFIC PRINCE SONG! - The Original 14-Minute version of "COMPUTER BLUE" in August 1983 at least four different versions were worked on, eventually editing down to 7 minutes and finally 4.....THE HORROR!

is the original better or worse, u b the judge ;-)
FIRST FIVE MINUTES Sample. Listen Full. 7daylink
Bootleg outtake, not for sale, suitable for trading.
The Horror!!

THE FACES 1970! - Rod and boys show up to the gig and land up playing Twice! both sets are captured by an audience member pretty close to Ian McLagen's amps as he is prominent in mix but not too....THE HORROR!!

Original poster for this show. Got this one off Ebay around 
2001, there's some story behind it about one of the bands
not showing up so The Faces do two sets, I think Rod
comments on it a few times. Not the greatest Faces boot
but worth having if you're a big fan. set list 7daylink B++
The Horror!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

THREE DOG SATURDAY NIGHT! - Paying Tribute With A Mix Of Oldies But Goodies, Ya Dig? Rest In Peace, JIMMY GREENSPOON, one of the all-time great Rock Keyboardists and a heck of a nice guy....THE HORROR!!

Hey all, enjoy this TDN mix on a Saturday night, 
make it a fun and safe one :-) t.  Link
We lost Jimmy Greenspoon earlier this month, he was a
great musician who strived for perfection and a heck
of a nice guy. I had the pleasure of seeing him two
times, once at front row center for the Hard Labor
tour at Universal Amphitheater the very first year
of it's existence before they added the roof.
I also sat across from him in the audience at the
Roxy for Cory Well's solo show there.
About half way through Cory's set, in between
songs all of a sudden someone yelled out
"Hey, you're pretty good!" followed by
tremendous laughter when everyone else
realized it was Jimmy. RIP, we will miss you!
The Horror!!

Horrific Saturn Day To Ya, "VARIOUS ARTISTS - ABBEY ROAD NOW" is being wheeled out to the main track, an interesting if not bizarre tribute album to Abbey Road, as usual with these affairs, some good and some....THE HORROR!!

A friend of mine emailed me this couple years back,
it's supposed to be in the public domain but I did
also find an Amazon link to cheap Cd's. 7daylink
The Horror!!