Thursday, April 30, 2015

around this next bend, hope you're ready for a "WINDY CITY ADVENTURE"! - It's ZEPPELIN 1973 operating on all 8 cylinders, ya dig me? First of two nights in Chicago 1973 with a tasty soundboard, it's all so HORRIFIC!!

enjoy this tasty boot if you don't already have it
very classic and cool show, 7daylink Rating A
Led Zeppelin, the four-man British rock group that has become a household word in Chicago during the last month, is quite possibly the best rock group in the world.
In a sellout concert Friday night at the Chicago Stadium (18,000 occupied seats, and another 18,000 sold for tonight), they dispelled every bad word ever written about them, came through sparingly over the rotten acoustics in the Stadium, and in general, overcame every conceivable obstacle that might have marred their music.
Except for the audience Robert Plant, the energetic lead singer, paused at the start of several numbers to remark, pleasantly enough, that he'd never seen so many fights at a concert, and, please, cool it.
We looked harmless enough. The only visible disturbance was the exercise we got standing on our chairs, then sitting down again, then standing up again, and then sitting down again.
BUT THE AURAL disturbance was a little harder to take. Zeppelin has a sound system more powerful than the one used at Woodstock. Thing is, they don't turn it up all the way. And throughout two hours of music, the rejoinder from the audience was louder than the band: "SID-DOWNN!!!"
Zeppelin takes no glee in ringside chaos, and as they've developed their music, they've learned that it takes three hours of nonstop playing to get all their ideas across. Crowd antics to them are like the drunk asking George Shearing to play "Melancholy Baby."
They certainly warrant our undivided attention. They are far more musically educated, more sensitive and more interesting than their records would lead you to believe. They seemed to try to get their heavy stuff out of the way during the opening numbers so they could stretch out during the rest of the evening.
One number, (off their new album, which I haven't heard) has something to do with Coltrane in the title, and is a very pretty jazz-oriented song. John Bonham, bass player and keyboard man, opened with a lovely electric piano motif, and continued the jazz feel with his well-placed chords throughout.
He was joined by lead guitarist Jimmy Page with a thoughtful and sophisticated solo.
THEIR MOST dazzling number was a lengthy rendition of "Dazed and Confused," a slow song in a minor key, which they took in a relaxed, pointed manner. Amazingly, the acoustics in the hall only enhanced the feel to it. It was during this number that Jimmy Page brought forth his legendary bow, which he used to stroke and beat the strings of his guitar. The general effect was of being in the bowels of a giant psychedelic cicada... Whew!
Drummer John Bonham demonstrated his talents in a 15-minute drum solo that was never dull. And, for the record, Robert Plant sings. Doesn't scream. Sings. There is a quality to their music, most apparent in "Stairway to Heaven," that leaves a poignant, lump-in-the throat feeling that only Jimi Hendrix was able to inspire in not-so-recent memory.
IT WAS, all told, utterly enchanting, stirring, fascinating music. And in case you're interested in seeing them Saturday night, you'd better be wealthy. An ad in The Sun-Times' classified section Friday read like this: "2 ZEP tickets, Saturday, 20th row. $70 ea. or best offer."
If everybody sits down, it will be worth it. [published 7-8-73]
The Horror!!

FEAR 1983! - some old skool punk being wheeled out to the main track, Rare 1983 FEAR Show at the Cathay De Grande in Hollywood which was a happening nightclub in Hollywood for many years....THE HORROR!!

Rare n classic FEAR show in many regards, sorry no set
list, sound quality is audience capture on a cheap rig
but very decent nonetheless, call it an A-, full
show plus first two songs on tape are soundcheck.
Enjoy the Megalink and btw f*ck you!
The Horror!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ever get the feeling you're in a "RACE WITH THE DEVIL"?! - the real race is on in this 1975 drive-in flick with PETER FONDA & WARREN OATES after they accidentally witness a pagan sacrifice....THE SHEER HORROR!!

Oh yes, this one's a crown jewel in the 70's drive-in
catagory. Two couples hit the road in what was 
then a modern $34,000 motor home and on their
first night camping accidentally witness a pagan
ritual resulting in a girl's murder. The race is
on, this one hits and hits for 90 mins and
doesn't let up, a big fav for sure, and my man
Warren Oates is in top form, highly recommend!
easy to find and widely available any format
The Horror!!

From the BLACK CROWES Archives! - "DOHENY BLUES FESTIVAL 2010" is rare and notable for being only the 4th gig of the tour and year and a Hits-Packed Set List geared to fest audiences, only one set.....THE HORROR!!

Rare one-setter early in the Crowesology tour,
A grade audience capture, 7daylink.
The Black Crowes closed the main stage with a hit-filled set geared towards a festival audience, although some of the slower songs led to crowd chatter. The air was unusually smoke free in comparison to their own concerts even though colorful visual effects on the video screens were geared toward those under the influence. They sent the audience off into the night amped up from the rollicking "Remedy." - from local review
The Horror!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

the faint of heart should look away on this next one - "JEFF BECK PLAYS FOR ED MC-D" (Techno Mix) a mix of tunes from Jeff Beck's Techno Days that I put together for my pal Ed back in '07, you know Ed from.....THE HORROR!!

Pals since 1968 - and that's a fact Jack
ran across this old mix tonight, enjoy
Samples above. Link to mix. Amazon link to 47 JB albums
The Horror!!

JETHRO TULL 1991! - Forget The Led, let's get the Tull out with a dandy 2-cd boot "Rocks On The Road" ya dig? This liberated boot of a show in Germany 1991 is an oldie but a goody so rock on with your bad self....THE HORROR!!

exact venue appears to be unknown...set/info, 7daylink A
The Horror!!

Revisiting a little thing called "SPEED 2 : CRUISE CONTROL"! - Such fire, frost or frippery, the sheer unmitigated Horror of the sequel to Speed 1 with JASON PATRICK and WILLEM DAFOE as a maniac bad guy....THE HORROR!!

Like it or lump it, one thing you definitely can't say
about Speed 2 is that it's boring. The first frame 
after the credits shows a motorcycle rider in the
air and the movie stays at that level from start
to finish. You do need to be able to suspend
reality and go with the film's many 'yeah, rights'
but if you can it's a fun ride ha ha, using my
Palm Springs Rating System, I give Speed 2
Three Healthy Palm Trees on the deck of a ship
And if that's not enough, the movie opens with a
funny driver's test with Tim Conway....The Horror!!

looks like an interesting one from HENDRIX 1969! - Recommended Blog "Rock On Vinyl" has this rare and classic vinyl boot from a show in Sweden 1969, the name of the boot is "It's Going To Be A Bit Loud"....THE HORROR!! (Link)

Rock On Vinyl has this goody on the Godfather label.
The Horror!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

what else would you expect to find inside "THE BRASS BOTTLE"? - Tony Randall perhaps in this 1964 Comedy also with Burl Ives in a sort of pre-cursor to the I Dream Of Jeannie days which started in '65....THE HORROR!!

A classic from the ole days, good ole G rated fun!
Pretty easy to find on DVD or VHS. 
The Sheer Unmitigated Horror!!

STONES 1973! - Class is in and today's lesson is West German Tour '73, ya dig me? "The Jean Clarke Memorial Sonic BBQ" literally a legendary vinyl boot of the Stones operating on all 8 cylinders, GROOVY BABY!

For those that may not yet have navigated the 
Sonic BBQ waters, dig in. 7daylink Rating A+
Vinyl rip is courtesy of Ed's Attic.
The Horror!!

The Mad Mad Mad World Of Bootlegs! - why wait for some schnooks to press a record when in the modern world we can listen to 2 shows from great artists THIS PAST SATURDAY NIGHT in other words, 2 nights ago....THE HORROR!! (Link)

You mean to tell me I'm descended from these two?
The Horror!! Check these great shows out at Plum D's!
The Sheer Horror!!

Greetings One And All, Tommy's House Of Horrors is open, looks like an interesting one from ALICE COOPER 1971! - "St Louis 1971" is a real rare one over at veteran blog Soundaboard, what can we say but....THE HORROR!! (Link)

B grade soundboard stuff from '71, Killer era
check it out at Soundaboard, one of the great blogs
out there and as you can see plenty of blogs
to keep one happy here so sit back relax
and enjoy your time in The House Of Horrors
The Horror!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

RIC OCASEK 2005! - "Nexterday" is the last official studio album of new songs from The Cars man. coming up on 10 years old, it's a stripped-down demo level collection of great songs, it came, it went.....THE HORROR!!

While I would have liked to hear these songs with a
fuller production because they're so good, the
record is still a great listen and has unique charm.
Comin' up on 10 years old, we say thumbs up
way up in hopes this post will garner new fans
Samples - Bottom Dollar, Carousel, In A Little Bit
The Horror!!

Horrific Sun Day To Ya, got a double shot of gosh dang RIC OCASEK coming up with a show called "11-21-1997" at Irving Plaza in NYC oh yeah great set list and excellent sound on this 1 cd boot....THE HORROR!!

The Ocasek clan.
Got this cd-r in a trade long time back like a decade ago
rare n excellent set by the songwriter extraordinaire,
listed as a soundboard but it's either an exceptional
audience capture or a broadcast of some sort
which is what I'm leaning to. set list, 7daylink
The Horror!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

around this next bend, better watch out for the "DIAMOND MEN"! - 2000 Indie Thriller starring ROBERT FORSTER & DONNIE WAHLBERG as travelling salesmen, one is on his way IN and the other is on his way.....THE HORROR!!

Here's one of those that I've turned many a movie
lover onto over time - Robert Forster produced
and starred, great acting chemistry between him
and Wahlberg and it's nicely shot, funny and
a cool story, using my Palm Springs Rating System
I give long beloved Diamond Men Four Solid
Palm Trees out on the main highway.
TRAILER - Amazon link to various formats. 
The Horror!!

Horrific Saturn Day To Ya, rolling out some LED ZEPPELIN to the main track, always fun to Get The Led Out, ya dig me? "LAST 27 MINUTES" is a 1973 US Tour gem, cassette swiped from the soundboard....THE HORROR!!

Whoever jacked the cassette tape that night only
got the last 27 minutes....The Horror!! 7daylink
The Sheer Horror!!