Sunday, May 31, 2015

SUNDAY NIGHT WITH DAVID BOWIE! - 5 Bowie Songs We Dig That Most People Have Never Heard Of, you know how it is these days with the Lists, Top 5 This and Top 10 That.....THE HORROR!!

One thing I would have never guessed was our man
Bowie's sudden lengthy retreat as 10 years roll
by, but with a catalog like his, who the f cares!
Here's 5 THOH Favs U May Have Never Heard
This tune with the Turkish sounding music
grabbed me from first listen and is still a fav
Of course Lodger is amazing!
Bowie covers early Pink Floyd and his band
hits it out of the park on this simply
transcendental version, incredible track
A fav of both Ed and mine from Bowie's
early heavy guitar rock album
Everybody in the world hates this song
and it's on most worst Bowie song lists,
we of course dig it..
What some may call a filler type track
finds Bowie singing with sudden
urgency and intensity on this cool song.
Link to 58 Bowie albums on Amazon.
The Horror I Say, The Horror!!

WOODY ALLEN Set To Release His 45th Film! - "IRRATIONAL MAN" and speaking of Rhode Island the American mystery drama is shot in Newport, RI with Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone....THE HORROR!!

You know this Woody Allen fan can't wait!

RELEASE DATE - July 17th
The Horror!!

STONES 1972! - The Night Mick 'n Keith got arrested in Rhode Island on the way to the show, gosh dang hippy freak musicians, what you doin in our town beating up on our photographers...Boy!....THE HORROR!!

In case you're not familiar with the story, Stones entourage
is on it's way to Boston when they make a stop and a
newspaper photographer notices them. In his attempt to
get his shots tempers flared and there were some
punches thrown and boom, on the way to jail. 
Meanwhile back at the Boston Garden people were 
already in their seats before the Stones even got
to the local jail. The mayor of Boston had to come
down and straighten it all out, the Stones take
the stage four hours after concert time.
Usual set list performed but they clip YCAGWYW
out of the set to save 7 or 8 precious minutes.
Audience recording, B/B+ , very listenable. 
Seems like everybody wants to be a woman these days.
The Horror!!

Welcome To Tommy's House Of Horrors. Greetings and Hope you stay more than just a few "SECONDS"! - 1966 John Frankenheimer film starring ROCK HUDSON is one of those long forgotten gems. NOT HERE THOUGH......THE HORROR!!

Seconds is an outstanding 1966 film that plays very much
like an old Twilight Zone episode but even better. You
ever wish you could start over again? Who hasn't, right!
A great film that changed my view of Rock Hudson
and also a Santa Barbara vineyard seen that is
really cool, and using my Palm Springs rating system
give Seconds the Four Palm Trees it richly deserves!
Fortunately this one has been kept active by the studios so it's
real easy to find in any format.
The Sheer Horror!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

THE CURE 2008! - "SHRINE AUDITORIUM - LOS ANGELES" is an awesome 3-cdr I got in a trade, complete 3hr show with a ridiculous amount of songs and count em, Three Multiple Encores....The Sheer Horror!!

Hey man, sit down, I can't see a thing.
Pic from show, set list, 7daylink Rating A
Excerpt from OC Weekly on show-
"Last Night: The Cure at the Shrine Auditorium June 1st, 2008
Better Than: Trying to find parking at the Hollywood Bowl.
After selling out the Hollywood Bowl, The Cure added another stop to their itinerary as they played the Shrine Auditorium. I would venture to say a good majority of the audience was in attendance at the Hollywood Bowl the previous night as well.
Sixty five days of Static stated the obvious when they announced to the audience that they weren't The Cure. I did appreciate their hybrid post apocalyptic instrumentals. They layered waves of atmospheric synthesizers with an underpinning of detuned guitars that ultimately crashed in a whitewash of noise. Some sonic reference points would include Battles, Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky.
I suddenly feel cheated by attending other concerts that last only an hour and a half as The Cure often play three hour sets. This is highly admirable for a band that has been around for almost thirty-two years. "Pictures of You" ignited the crowd as Simon Gallup's distinctive bass line echoed through the Shrine. Porl Thompson used his signature Schecter guitar to add glimmering coats of noise and feedback. The couples in the audience collectively held each other tight during a crowd pleasing version of "Lovesong". Robert Smith’s voice is still distinctive as ever and was in top form on this particular night.
The Cure also unfurled a batch of new songs that reflect their trimmed rock format line up as "Sleep When I'm Dead" and "The Only One" fit snuggly into the vast Cure catalog. "From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea" is one of my favorite Cure tunes as was performed under a wash of green lights as the crowd obeyed Robert Smith when he sang "Put Your Hands To the Sky". A crawling spider was projected on the LCD screens as the burrowing bass line of "Lullaby" resonated in your chest. The amount of cameras and cell phones in the air during "Just Like Heaven" added another dimension to the impressive laser and light show. "One Hundred Years" pleased the older fans with its weighty mood and urgent vocals as it provided a "Death Blow" to the audience. The older hits capped the multiple encore set with such hits as "Fire In Cairo", "Boys Don't Cry","10:15 Saturday Night", "Jumping Someone Else's Train" and "Killing An Arab". I will admit I have a ticket for their show in San Diego on Tuesday because The Cure often switch up their sets every night.
Critic's Notebook:
Personal Bias: My life was changed when I saw The Cure at the Rose Bowl in 1992.
Random Detail: It was Simon Gallup's 48th birthday.
The Horror!!
The Sheer Horror!!

JETHRO TULL Does Tel Aviv 2000! - Interesting set list Ian was toting around that year, here we were in the first year of the new century and all of a sudden he wants to start pulling stuff from the Stand Up album.....THE HORROR!!

an oldie but goody, 7daylink, Rating A+
The Sheer Horror!!

Not one but 2 FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Cd Boots! - British band from the 80's in a pair of shows from 1987, one in Brussels and one in London, it's all very heady and horrific Stuff, ya dig?! The Horror!! (Links)

The Sheer Horror!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

ZAPPA 1980! - "Patinoire des Vernets, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-21-80" would certainly be an apt title for this classic 2-cd boot with excellent sound, School Is In and ZAPPA 101 is in class. ya dig? The Horror!!

Yes Sir!! set list, 7daylink Rating A
really great show but I have to say Netherlands
stop from this tour (5-24 widely circulated)
is just a tad better imho, all right not so humble;-)
The Horror!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Around this next bend a historic attraction, it's "PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID"! - Sam Peckinpah's 1973 Gritty Western with JAMES COBURN and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON and Music by Bob Dylan, What's Not To Like....THE HORROR!!

Okay I'll admit I'm a little buyist on this one
considering I went to school with James
Coburn's son and got to see their Bel Air
house on occasion and Kris is a good friend
of an old sax player in my bands, but first
and foremost I'm a Peckinpah fan and this
is a great film, the music by Bob Dylan 
seals the deal and using my Palm Springs
Rating System don't ya know I give this
one the rare Five Palm Trees, outstanding!
Peckinpah would start drinking on the set first thing each morning, and by the afternoon he would be loaded and walking around firing a revolver into the air. At night he'd lie in bed shooting at his reflection in the mirror, a drunken outburst that made its way into the movie when, after killing Billy, Garrett, in a bout of self-hatred and disgust, shoots to pieces his own reflection in a mirror. At one point, "I had to take a pistol away from Sam," says Kristofferson. "He was worrying some people."
The Horror!!

THURSDAY HORRIFIC SONG NIGHT! - The BLACK CROWES cover Bob Dylan's "RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35" way back in 1992, this was the Vinyl Single B-Side to "Hotel Illness"....THE HORROR!!

It's the Ghost of Stoney Jones!
RAINY DAY WOMEN - rare vinyl b-side
The Horror!!

THURSDAY HORRIFIC SONG NIGHT! - The Rarest Of All Rare Songs by THE MONKEES, "STEAM ENGINE" is a Chip Douglas tune that was recorded in '69 for inclusion on the "Changes" album but never made it.....THE HORROR!!

"Another song, "Steam Engine," was recorded in 1969 for Changes and was written and produced by Chip Douglas, featuring Micky Dolenz on vocals. This song was not released at the time due to a disagreement between Screen Gems and Douglas over session costs and only saw the light of day via the Monkees' TV series episode "Monkees on Tour." In 1979, it was finally issued on the semi-official Australian compilation albumMonkeemania - 40 Timeless Hits, and in 1982 it was issued in the USA on the Rhino Records picture disc Monkee Business."
STEAM ENGINE - from a vinyl rip of "40 Timeless"
I enhanced the sound slightly - 7daylink
The Sheer Horror!!

THURSDAY HORRIFIC SONG NIGHT! - The name of the band is BUFFALO KILLERS and the song is "GET IT," ya dig me? Great 3-piece band from Cincinnati with roots in all the ole 70's stuff we dig.....THE HORROR!!

If this song don't belong in The House, 
 then I don't know what does!
The Horror!!

THURSDAY HORRIFIC SONG NIGHT! - The name of the band is THE COPS and the song is "IT'S EPIDEMIC," ya dig me? 2007 tune from Seattle band that draws influence from The Kinks, Clash & Buzzcocks....Buzzcocks?! The Horror!!

Nice post-punk kind of song, dig it.
IT'S EPIDEMIC - The Cops - Amazon link
The Horror!!

From the BLACK CROWES Archives! - "Nokia Club - Los Angeles 2009" could very well be an apt title for this excellent show just two gigs before the end of tour shows at Fillmore, the set list is.....YES! HORRIFIC!!!

Outstanding BTF show at Nokia Club in LA,
set list, 7daylink, Rating A+
The Horror!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

STONES 1972! - "The Great Western Show" is the piece de resistance of LA Forum shows both first and second, imagine walking into your mom's room and asking if you could mail 100 postcards cause that's how you got tickets.....THE HORROR!!I

In case you missed it, it's a goody, 7daylink Rating A
The Horror!!

are you ready for "RETROSPACE RADIO #46"?! - I know I am, but what the heck is it? How bout one of the longest running RETRO Blogs out there doing yet another Mix of whacked out retro tunes....THE HORROR!! (Link)

With a cover like this, what's not to like?
The Horror!!

and as your car juts around the next bend, look, it's "A COUPLE OF LED ZEP ESSENTIALS FROM EMPRESS VALLEY" one from 1975 and one from 1977, it's all very heady and horrific and it's over at Brooklyn Steve's....THE HORROR I SAY THE HORROR!! (links)

That Brooklyn Steve, he's a goddamn thoroughbred!
The Horror!!

From the BLACK CROWES Archives! - "HOUSE OF BLUES - MYRTLE BEACH 2005" not to be confused with the show I posted recently in 2006, this one is way early 2005 only a couple days after their Hammerstein Ballroom shows....THE HORROR!!

Like the only thing these two cats see eye to eye on
is how much they hate each other, ya dig?
Very rare show here from early '05, Steve had not
come back yet so Bill Dubrow on drums
Set list, 7daylink, Rating A
The Horror!!
This and lots of very cool retro stuff at Bionic Disco
cool blog, check 'em out

WILLEM DAFOE Is "THE HUNTER"! - In This 2011 Australian thriller about a guy hired by a biotech company to hunt down one of the last remaining Tasmanian Tigers but for some reason he's not exactly Welcome....THE HORROR!!

Great Australian flick with Dafoe in excellent form,
and awesome locations of course, highly recommend
and using my Palm Springs Rating System give The
Hunter Four Bright Palm Trees.....The Horror!!
HD Trailer, 2011 movie, easy to find.
The Horror!!