Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PAUL KANTNER & GRACE SLICK 1971! - Revisiting a little album called "SUNFIGHTER," ya dig? 1971 studio album was a celebration of their daughter China's birth and featured many guest musicians such as Crosby/Nash, Jerry Garcia...THE HORROR!!

This is the album that separates the serious Jeffersons fan
from the casual Jeffersons fan and guarantees admission
aboard the next Starship bound for galaxies beyond....
Sunfighter is a mystical album, almost a mysterious album. Despite the fact that it’s success is guaranteed because of the fame of the group Kantner and Slick regularly record for, the album definitely stands on it’s own merit as an excellent one. - Cameron Crowe
Full album on You Tube, okay by Paul. Link to various Amz
The Horror!!

this next exhibit is not for the squeamish and minimum height requirement is 48" - "SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS" is a 1968 B-Flick by the legendary HG LEWIS about an All-Women Bike Gang called The Man-Eaters....THE HORROR!!

Classic B-flick by HG Lewis as he turned away 
from gore on this one and focused on good ole
exploitation, ya dig me? Real review below
from recommended blog House Of Self-
Indulgence, trailer and full below.....The Horror!!
Palm Springs Rating System - Two & 3/4 palm trees
The Sheer Horror!!

TELEVISION 1978! - Concert in PORTLAND draws loyal local crowd in this rare audience capture of a great band nobody ever talks about and just a couple days before July 4th, we're talkin' Early Television, ya dig me? The Horror!!

another one of those cd-r's I got in a trade without
asking for, cool stuff, set list, 7daylink, Rating A-
The Horror!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Horror of a band called MAN OR ASTROMAN? - Live Bootleg Cd I got in a trade around '07, the trader threw it in the package as a freebie see-if-u-like thing, it's a bit hard to describe their sound, perfect for The Horror!!

Every picture tells a story, don't it?
I have no info whatsoever on this 12 track cd-r I got
in a trade, I believe it's from their earlier years and
would peg it at late 90's somewhere, sample tracks
below to check out, very entertaining stuff
7daylink, excellent sound
The Sheer Horror!!

Classic FACES VINYL BOOT! - The First Rod Stewart & Faces Bootleg Of Any Kind, This Single Platter On The Legendary Trade Mark Of Quality label contains audio from a show in Santa Monica 1970....The Sheer Horror!!

full info below, enjoy the 7daylink, Rating B/B+
The Horror!!

OINGO BOINGO your Moon Day with "1 x 9," a new house mix with yep, you guessed it, one song from 9 different albums, it's all very heady stuff and quite horrific from 1979 to 1996....THE HORROR!!

OINGO BOINGO "1 x 9" Mix
6 PAIN     B-O-I-N-G-O
9 SPIDER    BOINGO (last album)
Samples above - link to mix - link to 24 albums on Amz
The Horror!!

Horrific Moon Day To Ya - Let's Get This Party Started with a double shot of OINGO BOINGO with DANNY F*UCKING ELFMAN and a repost request as well, "20 Classic Bootleg Hits" packed full of Boingo Oddities....THE HORROR!!

it's a goody alright 7daylink Rating A
The Horror!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

HORRIFIC SUN DAY TO YA - With The Very First LED ZEPPELIN Bootleg to ever come down the pike, "PB" was the vinyl's name, stands for Pure Blues, you may know it as "Mudslide,"....THE HORROR!!

Historical Notes from Proximity website:
The unearthing of Stuart Clugston's terrific photographs from Zep's visit to Vancouver BC in March 1970 is exciting in and of itself, however it is made even more significant by the fact that these photos document a concert immortalized on one of the most famous Zeppelin bootlegs of all time-Pb, a.k.a. Pure Blues, more widely known as Mudslide.
Most would argue that the classic Live On Blueberry Hill is superior, however for years the Vancouver show was the only soundboard recording in circulation (excepting the BBC concert) and most interestingly, its original vinyl release as Pb was the very first Zeppelin bootleg to come out, preceding Blueberry Hill by at least a few months.Packaged in a plain brown cardboard cover with the legend Pb (the chemical symbol for lead, by the way) hand-stamped on the front cover with a rubber stamp, the record made no mention of Led Zeppelin anywhere on it. Except for the stamped image the cover was completely blank, and the label on the record-which incidentally is an exceptionally good pressing, especially for a bootleg-is bright yellow and bears only the words P.B. Live [side 1] Recorded Live - Pure Blues.
The album was something of a homegrown Northwest production, pressed in limited quantities in Seattle and distributed largely in the Pacific Northwest, away from the rest of the bootleg production industry, which was mainly centered in Los Angeles at the time.Pure Blues achieved wider exposure when a boot collector from Seattle moved to L.A. in early 1971 and ran into the man behind Trademark Of Quality, currently riding high withBlueberry Hill. The Vancouver recording quickly became TMQ's second Zeppelin title as Mudslide, and enjoyed a long run of success under that name, being reissued again and again in gradually decreasing sound quality as the years went by.
As with all of Zep's bootlegs, the early 90's CD boom revived this classic title and it has enjoyed life as a number of different releases in the CD era-though few of the CD releases, unfortunately, seem to have been mastered from the original tape. Classics Off The Air Volume 1 (Neutral Zone) is one of earliest appearances of the show on disc, taken from a very clean (probably original) vinyl pressing; Zoso's Back To Rock & Roll (Oh Boy) is a worthwhile compilation of material including the 'Mudslide' show in excellent quality, and the Flying Duck's Mudslide is reportedly the best CD version of the show, mastered from a clean original Pb album and digitally enhanced.
enjoy the 7daylink, HQ vinyl rip of above @320
On a quick sidebar - For those of you following the Led Zep
LA Forum thing, I am hoping to finish it this coming week
but may take longer. I'm really only pleased with about 3 or
4 of them (Nobodys Fault, Time Of Dying, Bron-Y-R, Stairway,
all the rest have to be redone. Busy weekend and week ahead as
I'm also finishing a new Tommy Ross album for worldwide
distribution and launch on Apple's new service.

Have a great one!
The Horror!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

From the BLACK CROWES Archives! - "GAB Pavillion, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA 2005," that would probably be an apt title for this 2005 sweet 2-setter, first time playing It's All For You and a cover of The Faces "You're So Rude"....The Horror!!

Horrific Saturn Day, y'all. Nice 2-setter on this one,
both great set lists, 7daylink, Rating A/A-
The Outright Horror!!

Run For Your Lives, It's the "SNOWBEAST"! - 1977 B-Movie Made For TV, or is that a Made For TV B-movie? Anyways, whatever it is, it's hanging out a little too close to our main characters ski lodge, ya dig me?...The Horror!!

This one washed up on my shore unexpectedly and
I gotta say it's not bad for a b-movie, made-for-TV
nonetheless. the locations alone are sweet on this
as it's filmed entirely in Colorado. The other real
strong point for me was story continuity, oft 
lacking in these b-flicks. Really not bad and using
my Palm Springs Rating System give Snowbeast
and all it's accoutrements a nice Two And A Half
Palm Trees, just a quarter palm tree shy of the
best possible rating for a B-movie....The Horror!!
Between takes - good Snowbeast!
The Sheer Horror!!

Kicking off the weekend with a little ROGER WATERS 2006! - "Verona, Italy 2006" just MIGHT be an apt title for this 2-cdr I got in a trade if it wasn't for the fact that Roger played 2 nights there, is it the first night? the second? I'm So Corn-Fused....THE HORROR!!

very nice Roger show, one of the very first of the tour '06
I got this 2 cd-r in a trade not long after but didn't mark
the date so it could be either night but based on Db Etree
notes, I'm leaning towards the first. The sound is excellent
and a DVD feed would be a perfect match. But maybe
they shot both nights...The Horror!! set list, 7daylink A
The Sheer Horror!!