Monday, August 31, 2015

Rare n' Classic STONES VINYL BOOT! - "L.A. Friday" was a single platter on the Legendary IDLE MIND label, this was the third in a series of three vinyl albums of the LA FORUM shows....The Sheer Horror!!

vinyl rip of this goody, not from Ed this is another
owner's copy, 7daylink Rating A
The Sheer Horror!!

Looks like an interesting one from the STONES 1978! - "Gals Gags & Pin-Ups" is yet another one of those Paris '78 Outtake deals, interesting song selection on this as well as a boneless track from '75...The Horror I Say, THE HORROR!!

May have to check this one out, will report back later
It's The Incredible Melting Man....The Horror!!

Additional Notes - Just listened to most of this, pretty dang cool for a listen, great picking of the songs, it flows nicely, thumbs up!

RARER THAN RARE EARTH! - "Fire, Frost or Frippery" would be the name of this fan-made boot of goodies off TV show appearances, some rare edits and remixes and California Jam and Midnight Special....THE SHEER HORROR!!

The Sheer Horror!! 7daylink
The Horror!!

GRATEFUL DEAD 1972! - Greetings, Welcome to the house where Matt Dillon is in the pickle factory, the sheer horror of this 10 HOUR version of the Dead's magnus opus space journey trip-out far-out and GROOVY BABY! (Link)

Willard is on a roll lately with his wormholes,
check out this Grateful Dead horror at his blog.
The Horror!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLASSIC ROCK VINYL HQ! - "DaBroadcasta - Tommy's Picks From Vinyl Rips" the sheer horror of this 12 song playlist compiled from rips posted by DaBroadcasta as he calls himself, his Vinyl Rig is.....THE HORROR!!

good ole time rock n roll all the stuff we grew up with
this guy uses a VPI Scout turntable with a Dynavector
10 x 5 cartridge. I have no idea what any of that means
but I get the feeling his rig costs more than those
hundred dollar usb jobs, anyways these are some
of the best vinyl rips I've heard, enjoy some classic
rock from all favorite bands here at....The Horror!!
The Horror!!

From the BLACK CROWES Archives! - Greetings, how bout a little Freak N Roll on your Sun Day Nite with LONDON 2006, 3-19-06 to be exact, the 2nd of 3 nights the Crowes did at Shepherd's Bush....The Horror!!

set list 7daylink Rating A+
The Horror!!

Are ya ready to "SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA"?! - Obscure 1992 Made-For-TV movie based on the true story of a family adrift at sea and surviving with basically nothing for 37 days....THE SHEER HORROR!!

Great true life survival story and pretty decent made-
for TV flick, Urich is in top form. 
Palm Springs Rating System - Two Palm Trees
Ali MacGraw 20 years after The Getaway....The Horror!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

CHRIS ROBINSON & THE NEW EARTH MUD 2003! - "Buffalo '03" might be an apt title for this nice one-setter opening up for Govt Mule at the SUNY Center, band does tasty cover of Clapton's 'Blues Power,'....THE HORROR!!

set list, 7daylink, Rating A aud
The Sheer Horror!!

The name of the band is 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE and the (Vinyl) album is "Have Hearse Will Travel," a 1990 platter by this unique Garage Rock band from Albany, New York with songs like 'Wolfman" and "Jack The Ripper" they're THE HORROR!!

1 Dig Her Up 2 Big Black Car 3 Bat's Milk Yogurt 4 Headless Angel 5 Teenage Devil Doll 6 Blood On The Moon 7 My Hearse 8 Oooga Booga Baby 9 Jack The Ripper 10 Wolfman 11 Tilt-a-whirl 12 Hey You 13 Space Ghost 
vinyl rip of above, 7daylink

 It's Reptilicus, run for your lives!....The Horror!!

DEEP PURPLE 1971! - Classic Old Skool Cd Boot with the strange name of "Turn Around" a 1971 radio broadcast of a show at Long Beach Arena....Long Beach Arena?! The Horror!!

Oldest of 3 different cd boot releases and funny
enough still considered the better,
 notes below 7daylink,.Rating A-
The show starts off with Speed King, clocking in at over 10 minutes the song starts of fast and furious but soon settles down into the improvisation middle section with the Glover Paice rhythm section laying down a solid and at times little funky groove that Lord and Blackmore can solo over, Gillan gets into the usual mimic section of voice and guitar and as usual throws in snippets of Who Do You Love. Ian introduces the next song as being about a prostitute, almost cutting edge language for broadcast radio in those days and the band play a great Strange Kind Of Woman, a favorite from the Fireball record. Blackmore plays a great solo, full of intensity and wrings everything he can get out of his guitar and then turns on a dime to the slower interlude that brings the guitar and vocal interlude with Gillan.
At the songs conclusion there is a station identification KUSE 91.5 FM that does not interfere with any music but does go over a little of Gillans between song chatter. Child in Time is its typical heavy self, clocking in at just over 19 minutes and is dominated by Blackmore who is the driving force of this concert. The song settles down for a long ride, Glover and Paice lay an almost boogie foundation for Lord first and then Blackmore to let loose on, Lords solo starts off slow but soon opens into an electric church sort of thing. Ian Paice is following him, his drum patterns accent the keyboards and Glover is playing an interesting rhythm pattern also, all of which can be clearly enjoyed in this recording. The pace quickens with Blackmore’s return to the stage and they instantly fall into battle, Lord does not try and compete for long as Blackmore is too intense.
The second disc starts of with Wring That Neck, there is no tuning prior to the track and the sound for this track is a notch up from the rest of the show, the timbre is even different. The instruments are far more well balanced and one would question its legitimacy and question why is this one track so much better ? I love Wring That Neck, it has a wonderful jazz fusion feel to it that clearly shows the musicians early influences and is a great vehicle for improvisation. Roger Glover even gets into a solo about 6 minutes in, and although short is great to hear. There is a cut in the tape at the 10:29 mark with and unknown amount of music lost and Blackmore gets into a little Jingle Bells at the songs conclusion. The sound returns to the quality of the first disc and starts with Gillan introducing Mandrake Root.
Jon Lord takes the first solo, his playing is aggressive and diverse but the whole time Blackmore is back there keeping time with Glover and Paice, chugging away waiting to strike. When I listen to these early shows I get how passionate fans where about Blackmore and why there reject Tommy Bolin. On stage Blackmore was the driving force and simply took over the performance with his unique style of subtlety coupled with sheer devastation.
There is some great improvisation during the piece featuring Blackmore and Glover as the latter follows him through a brief journey and about 19 minutes in the band plays a section that’s sounds like it will become the beginning of Highway Star. The song ends with Ritchie playing some unearthly sounding notes couple with feedback and the song as a whole is very effective, Gillan thanks the audience for listening at the songs conclusion and I can only conclude that this is a great concert.- Collectors Review
The Horror!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

THREE DOG NIGHT 1972! - Revisiting The Band's Tasteful "SEVEN SEPERATE FOOLS" Album, the peak and pinnacle of their success and like all their other albums chock full of hidden gem songs that weren't hits....THE HORROR!!

Floyd Sneed on the drums!....The Horror!!

STONES 1964 & 1965! - "The Chess Sessions" is a classic ole skool cd boot compiled very thoughtfully and in a limited edition 2-cd boot, it's a very horrific collection of what the boys were creating back then in the studio....THE HORROR!!

it's a goody! 7daylink  Rating A+
The Horror!!

"I AM EVEL KNIEVEL"! - No I have not gone crazy, it's the name of a 2014 Doc on the great daredevil produced by Spike TV which we can add to several others from the past, so what makes THIS one so HORRIFIC?!

Way better than 2005's Absolute Evel
There is also a new one from 2015 called Being Evel
which got stellar reviews. This 2014 movie by Spike
TV is quite good, really dug it, but I have to say
until I see the new one, 1986's The Last Of The
Gladiators is the best EK bio to watch. Using my
Palm Springs Rating System, I give "I am Evel
Knievel Three Healthy Palm Trees....The Horror!!
The Horror!!

FRANK ZAPPA 1988! - "ST PATRICK'S DAY BINGHAMPTON 1988"" might be an apt title for this excellent audience capture, during the Zappa With Horns Tour as I like to call it....THE SHEER HORROR!!

Frank Zappa - Broome County Arena, 
Binghamton, NY.
March 17, 1988
Disc 1
01 The Black Page (New Age Version) incl. Intro
02 Dickie's Such An Asshole
03 Stick Together
04 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
05 Willie The Pimp
06 Montana
07 City Of Tiny Lites
08 A Pound For A Brown
09 When The Lie's So Big
10 Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk
Disc 2
01 Florentine Pogen
02 Andy
03 Inca Roads
04 Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
05 Let's Move To Cleveland
06 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
07 Theme from 'The Godfather II'
08 Who Needs The Peace Corps
09 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
10 Stairway To Heaven
11 Norwegian Jim
12 Louisiana Hooker With Herpes
13 The Texas Motel
14 Sofa No. 1
15 The Illinois Enama Bandit
7daylink, Rating A
The Horror!!