Friday, July 31, 2015

"DOWN, OUT AND DANGEROUS" On A Friday Night! - Why not, right? 1995 Made-For-TV movie stars RICHARD THOMAS and BRUCE DAVISON, Thomas plays an escaped convict who makes life for Bruce quite....HORRIFIC!!

You can file this one under obscure TV movies,
ya dig? A little bit like Pacific Heights but instead
of a low-life squatting and refusing to leave, it's
a low-life posing as a homeless person. I believe 
this was a period of time in the early 90's
where psycho homeless people movies
were very popular, fortunately a short-lived
period. Television vet Richard Thomas kills
it in this, by far the best performance I've
ever seen from him. Bruce Davison is also
in top form and the big cat n mouse game 
between this two for most the film, they 
are perfect together. Using my Palm Springs
Rating System, I give this obscurity a solid
Three palm trees....The Horror!!
Full up on You Tube, appears to be in the public domain...
VHS is out of print and hard to find...
The Sheer Horror!!

From The BLACK CROWES Archives! - Oh yes "RICHMOND 2008 - SECOND NIGHT" is a horrific Warpaint tour show with LUTHER D :-) Greetings, please take a seat in the first car and NO STANDING PLEASE!

Rich in '08 with a Telly...oh my!
esoteric set list on this one, 7daylink, Rating A+
The Sheer Horror!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

HORRIFIC COVER SONGS THURSDAY! - RARE EARTH's Stunning Version of the classic "I'm Losing You" and to put their stamp on it they turn it into an extended funky jam thing, ya dig? Groovy, 3 Versions....THE HORROR!!

Pete Rivera. one of the greatest drummers ever.
And that one-of-a-kind distinctive voice.
Closing out our little horrific cover tunes tonight
with 3, yes THREE versions
1. The 11 minute original on Ecology
2. The 45 single at 3 and a half mins.
3. The live version on Rare Earth in Concert
The Horror!!

HORRIFIC COVER SONGS THURSDAY! - BILLY IDOL Channels Jim Morrison in the song he was meant to cover, "LA Woman," from the 1990 album Charmed Life, it's all very heady and horrific stuff, ya dig?

and then there's covers like this, square peg square hole
The Horror!!

HORRIFIC COVER SONGS THURSDAY! - JOHN HIATT Covers The ISLEY BROTHER's "FIGHT THE POWER" on his first big US Tour in 1979 at The Bottom Line in NYC on Halloween 1979....THE HORROR!!

John Hiatt in 1979 - still a little rough around the edges.
That's okay, makes for good music.
Fight The Power Part One - NYC 1979 7daylink
The Sheer Horror!!

HORRIFIC COVER SONG THURSDAY! - Our Beloved House Band THE BLACK CROWES Do Up Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "PRE-ROAD DOWNS" in a transcendental version at Amsterdam 2006,,,,The Sheer Horror!!

"What was I saying again?"
The Crowes have covered many bands and songs through the
years, they literally could fill up scores of cd's. Their 
 CSNY's Pre-Road Downs is one of the more esoteric 
selections but totally fits the vibe of this heavily touring
band, they might as well wrote it themselves!
from Amsterdam 2006 - 7daylink
The Horror!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

careful around this next bend, we're headed for "BAD COUNTRY"! - 2014 Thriller with MATT DILLON and WILLEM DAFOE about a convict turned informant and the cop he helped bring down an entire syndicate.....THE HORROR!!

Had I seen just the poster by itself I probably never
would have checked it out, guns are not really my
scene, ya dig? The story's been told before and there's
nothing spectacular with the production values,
but the performances of two veteran actors that have
both been around since the 80's, Willem Dafoe is
great as always, and my man Matt Dillon turns
in another riveting performance, it's just amazing
to see how far his acting chops have come since
the days of Tex ha ha. Well this ain't no editorial
type blog so I'll get right to the Palm Springs Rating
System on this with Three Solid Palm Trees.
The Sheer Horror!!

DEEP PURPLE 1973! - An oldie but goody Cd boot by the name of "LAZY IN ITALY" show from March 11 1973 also a bit on the rare side, an audience capture of pretty decent quality, call it a B+++....The Horror!!

something a bit different, 7daylink, Rating B+++
The Horror!!

Greetings and Welcome To Tommy's House Of Horrors! - Wheeling out a double-shot of DEEP PURPLE on this Hump Day, "Live In Europe - The Lost Extra Tapes" is a horrific set of 5 outtakes that didn't make the album....THE HORROR!!

got this in a trade as a bonus the guy threw in,
it's 5 tracks that didn't make the Live In Europe
album, runs about 35 mins, Smoke, Highway,
The Gypsy and a couple others, even if you gave
up cocaine a long time ago or never tried cocaine
for that matter, a listen to this will get you a 
nice contact high...The Horror!! 7daylink
The Sheer Utter & Complete Horror!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

JETHRO TULL 1991! - The Sheer Horror of "WHALEFISH RISING," we're talkin' Ole Skool cd boot on this one, ya dig? This hot show from the Netherlands is Tull operating on all 8 cylinders....The Horror!!

yep, it's a goody, 7daylink Rating A+
an audience capture of superior quality!
all in one mp3 on this enjoy
F yeah....The Horror!!

careful around this next turn, it's "KLONDIKE FEVER"! - I980 Canadian Adventure Flick tells the classic story of Jack London and his journey during the Gold Rush, stars ANGIE DICKENSON & ROD STEIGER....The Sheer Horror!!

Good ole fashioned G-rated fun with this one, the classic
story of a man, his dog and his quest, what's not to like?
Using my Palm Springs Rating System of course, I 
give Klondike Fever a worthy Three Palm Trees
Full movie above, link to Amazon.
What The......The Horror!!

THE FACES 1971! - "Santa Clara Fairgrounds" would be the name of this one, another great outdoor show from around the same time period, and another very good audience capture in that grey area known as B++....The Horror!!

The world of Faces bootlegs is a horror house of it's own,
This one's not bad, good sound, great form but incomplete.
set list, 7daylink Rating B+++ The Horror!!
If you're new to the blog or missed these before,
here's some other ones here , all B+++ just kidding
sort of
Boston 1972
"Wicked Messenger" - 1970 FM Broadcasts
Ooh La La Outtakes & Rehearsals (9 song version)
BBC Broadcast 1971 - this one IS an A+

"But while I was here, I had me a real good time"

The Sheer Horror!!

Horrific Moon Day To Ya - Rollin' out a Double-Shot of THE FACES, first up in the time machine is 1970 at a place called PIRATE'S WORLD a now defunct amusement park, THE SHEER HORROR!!

greetings, more Faces to come after this, a great
1970 show, outdoors and the usual B++ kind
of sound on so many Faces boots, The Horror!!
The Horror!!