Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Your eyes are not deceiving you, it's the same show, in fact Rod did about 5 wardrobe changes in this February 14th 1992 concert that I had the great luck of being in attendance at. First time ever sharing this concert story but you see, it all started up at a little place on a hill called Rafter's, a swanky Burbank bar/restaurant place that I used to love to go up during happy hour and hoist a few. There was this other cat named Jeff I used to see there often and we were all talking about it being St Valentine's day and Jeff says to me do you know Rod Stewart is playing tonight at the Universal Amphitheater? Very dangerous to make a comment like that to me, and with my instigation within a matter of an hour Jeff and I had cruised down to the venue, scored decent loge tickets and were watching Rod do what turned into a really great 2-set show. Turns out Rod was filming the whole show for this video. Now I had never got drunk with this guy Jeff before so I didn't know that 1) he would turn out to be a lightweight and was shitfaced before end of Rod's first set. After the show, he was in no condition to do anything so I told him he could come to my place, sleep on the couch and we'll go back next day for his car. He must of asked me five times on the way home if I had anything to eat at my house and I kept telling him no, that I just wanted him to go in and sleep it off on the downstairs couch. He asked me one more time when we got it and I told him same thing and I go upstairs to crash. Now as it turns out, I was lying just a bit as I did have some leftovers from a BBQ I had a couple of days prior. Before getting in bed, I decided all of a sudden that I wanted some water or something from the fridge. I go downstairs and walk into my kitchen and here's this guy standing in my open fridge with a chicken leg in his left hand and a beef rib in his right. They were both already partially devoured and his was drooling all sorts of stuff on his shirt. Yes, the horror the Sheer Horror!!
Don't go to a Rod Stewart concert
with this guy....The Horror!!

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