Monday, January 2, 2017


Post 2 of a triple-shot of Zep! This is a nice rare one from Brighton in '72, it's an audience capture (notes below) by a teen who later on erased most of the show. What's left is this boot of 5 songs totaling 52 mins. Good news- the sound is very good and performance too....The Horror!! Streaming below. Rating A- 
Dazed and Confused,
Stairway to Heaven,
Whole Lotta Love (medley incl. Everybody Needs Someone To Love, Let That Boy Boogie, Let's Have a Party, Mystery Train, Heartbreak Hotel, I Can't Quit You Baby, Going Down Slow),
This show is a real gem, sadly only a fragment. It was recorded by a teenager who had little money for cassettes, and he recorded over much of this concert later at a Rory Gallagher concert. What a terrible shame as it was an amazing concert by all accounts.
TAPER'S NOTES- In 1972 I was just a tender 15 years with a love of all things on the rock side me and a friend sat in New Rd outside the Dome ticket office for 5 hours queuing to get tickets for the show. On the night it seamed the crowd was made up of older couples (you know in there twenty's) from Sussex University with a far away look in there eyes and hand rolled smokes, come the start Zep rocked the room but seamed to get no reaction from the crowd until about a third way through the set when Robert swore at the room in general for there lack of input and from then on all I can remember is bodies music and sweat, a true night to remember!

I had the day off from work for the gig and being a rabid Zepp fan, I thought i'd pop along to the dome in the afternoon just to see if I could catch the band arriving. Some lorries started to turn up and parked up outside the Dome. One of the drivers got out and came over to myself and my mate ( I can't remember his name.) and asked if we would like to help unload the trucks. What!!..are you kidding? Three hours later I was absolutely knackered. Suddenly the stage door opened and in walked Page and Plant closely followed by JPJ straight to the dressing room. No sign off Bonzo. I seem to remember that they were late because of fog and couldn't do a sound check

Showtime came and my friend and I were allowed to stand side stage to watch the gig. I can distinctly remember Bonzo kicking several shades of shit out of his bass drum during Song remains the same and Pagey playing his guitar over his head during Heartbreaker. It was awesome!
After the show had finished we were helping to pack the gear away when BP fallon came up to us and asked if we would like to meet Page and Plant. OH MY GOD!!! We sat and talked to them for about 30 minutes and they were so down to earth and friendly not at all like you think your idols are going to be.
But my overiding memory is of Bonzo after the gig. He had suddenly turned into Long John Silver and crashed through the stage door shouting "shiver my timbers!" The next thing I know he has driven one of the lorries on to the Dome lawns leaving a massive skid. He then got out of the truck and climbed on top of it still shouting "shiver my timbers" before running of into the night like a monkey on speed. I kid you not.
All in all a great night


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